Our teeth whitening treatments can assist in getting up to 8 shades whiter teeth.

What to Expect?

Our LED teeth whitening treatments are only 30 minutes per session, so are perfect to squeeze into a lunch break. Once the whitening gel has been applied, we then setup the LED equipment to let the magic work. All the while you can just lay back and catch up on some sleep.


You will need to refrain from eating or drinking any colour staining foods and drinks in the 48hours after your treatment. This can include red wine, tomato based sauces/foods etc. 


Have something to eat and drink beforehand as you will be told to refrain from doing so in the hours after your treatment.
We suggest brushing your teeth prior to heading into the studio - this is for hygiene purposes.

Treatments Available

Single Session 30 minutes
why pay $125+
Double Session 60 minutes

why pay $200+


Ready to Book?

Have a prepaid voucher? Use this link


Have a prepaid voucher? Use this link