LED Teeth Whitening is a popular and convenient way to quickly whiten your teeth without needing to go to a dentist.

With sessions from as little as 30minutes, it is the perfect treatment to squeeze into lunch break and have you back at work in no time. 

Depending on your desired shade of white, you may find one treatment can be enough or multiple may be needed. either in close succession or over a period of time. The beauty of LED Teeth Whitening is that you can easily do a 'top up' treatment whenever you feel your teeth need a little extra sparkle. 

What to expect at your Teeth Whitening Treatment?

If it is your first time visiting Miami Kiss for LED Teeth Whitening our aestheticians will first have you complete the consent form and check for any issues that may prevent the treatment taking place that day.

Once the formalities are completed, you will be taken to your recliner chair and setup ready for the whitening gel to be applied. You will be fitted with a guard to keep your mouth from shutting during the treatment, while it's not intended to cause any pain we know that holding this position for a long time can be uncomfortable so we recommend bringing along a book or loading your favourite show up on your phone to keep you occupied. We will give you glasses to assist with the shine of the LED equipment.

Depending on your treatment booked we'll set the timer for 30 or 60 minutes and leave you to relax or catch up on some sleep while the LED and whitening gel does it's work.

After Care

You will need to refrain from eating or drinking any colour staining foods and drinks in the 48hours after your treatment. This can include red wine, tomato based sauces/foods etc.
You may experience some tooth sensitivity after your treatment, this typically is mild in nature and should pass in a few hours.


Suggestions to Better Your Treatment

Have something to eat and drink beforehand as you will be told to refrain from doing so in the hours after your treatment.
We suggest brushing your teeth prior to heading into the studio - this is for hygiene purposes.

If time permits, we will always suggest the 60minute session to give you better chance at reaching your desired whiteness quickly.

Teeth Whitening Treatments Available at Miami Kiss

30 minute Session
from $35
includes: 30minutes of LED Teeth Whitening

why pay $125+ elsewhere
60 minute Session
from $45
includes: 60minutes of LED Teeth Whitening

why pay $200+ elsewhere


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