Vacuum Therapy Treatment in Gold Coast

Looking for a non-invasive treatment to assist lifting or shaping your breasts or buttocks? Vacuum Therapy could be for you. Our treatment is completely non-surgical, meaning there’s no downtime.

Vacuum therapy can not only help in enlarging your breasts and buttocks, but it also rejuvenates the muscles and breaks down the fat. 

What to expect?

Your body therapist will attach large plastic cups to your treatment area before turning the ‘vacuum’ on. You may feel a slight pulling on the treatment area while the suction does its work.

After care

Your skin may be tender and have a slight redness after your treatment.


We highly suggest multiple treatments to achieve your desired outcome. Depending on your body type you may also benefit from HIFU, Fat Freezing and / or Emslim Pro sessions.

We always highly suggest coming for a complimentary consultation prior to booking to confirm this treatment is correct for you.

Treatments Available

Breast Lift
why pay $199 +
Butt Lift

why pay $199 +


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