Our Vacuum Lift Therapy treatment works to lift and restore elasticity to the skin of the buttocks. The vacuum process stimulates blood flow and the muscles which helps to perform a deep massaging effect and removes toxins via lymphatic drainage.

It is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that also helps to breakdown cellulite and fat deposits while improving the tone and texture of the areas being treated.

The results are quick and natural, giving you younger-looking skin in no time.

What to Expect at Your Vacuum Lift Therapy Treatment?

As your skin therapist will need to attach the machine to the areas being treated, it is best to wear loose and easy to remove clothing to your appointment.

After a brief consultation your therapist will attach large plastic cups to your treatment areas before turning the ‘vacuum’ on. You may feel a slight pulling on the treatment area while the suction does its work.

Typically each Vacuum Lift Therapy session runs 20-30 minutes, although we will generally book your appointment time for a minimum of 40 minutes to allow extra time in case.

After Care

Your skin may be tender and have a slight redness after your treatment.

As this treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, you will be able to go straight back to normal activities such as work.


Suggestions to Better Your Treatment

Drinking plenty of water prior to your treatment can be very beneficial to your results.
We highly suggest multiple treatments to achieve your desired outcome. Depending on your body type you may also benefit from HIFU, Fat Freezing and / or ToneUP Body Sculpting sessions.

We always highly suggest coming for a complimentary consultation prior to booking to confirm this treatment is correct for you.


Vacuum Lift Therapy Treatment Packages Available at Miami Kiss

Butt Lift
$79+ $59+ (price drop on 1/6/23 *)
includes: vacuum buttocks lift treatment + consultation

why pay $199 + elsewhere

* we offer discounts for treatment packages for further sessions. book for your first session and we can upgrade you while instore to a larger session pack.


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