The Hydro-Lift Treatment delivers a concentrated dose of vitamins into the superficial layer of the skin via a nano needle to rejuvenate naturally dehydrated skin. 

As well as its anti-ageing properties, Hydro-Lift is often used for pigmentation reduction, skin tone and hydration, as well as general skin conditioning. 

What to expect?

You should expect your skin to feel instantly more hydrated, with many clients report their skin looking and feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, smoother and firmer than before.

With our Hydro-lift treatment you can look forward to:

  • improved skin quality;
  • increased hydration;
  • generates collagen production

Depending on your skin needs, we will often suggest multiple sessions spaced apart, for longevity with your results. Your skin therapist will advise this on your first session.

After care

Your skin may be sensitive and have a slight redness after your treatment. As such you need to treat it with care, preferably using a gentle cleanser to wash your skin (like cetaphil).


We recommend not only treating the face with Hydro-Lift but also the neck and decolletage areas for a better overall result.

Hydro-Lift can also be used to treat the back of hands for a more youthful appearance.


 Treatments Available

Face (inc. Neck)
why pay $200+
Decolletage (only)
why pay $180+
Face, Neck & Decolletage
why pay $300+


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