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Women's Waxing

Women's Waxing

Looking for a clean, hair free solution? Waxing is an affordable solution.

Easy and affordable, waxing removes all unwanted hair from the body, providing a clean look and smooth feel that lasts for weeks. 

With regular waxing, the hair can become thinner and thinner over time, meaning maintenance of waxed areas can become much easier and less frequent.

Women's Waxing
Upper Lip Wax RRP $75 VIP $15
Chin Wax RRP $75 VIP $15
Nose Wax RRP $75 VIP $12
Full Face Wax (excl. brows) RRP $135 VIP $35
1/2 Arm Wax RRP $117 VIP $25
Full Arm Wax RRP $147 VIP $45
1/2 Leg Wax RRP $117 VIP $30
Full Leg Wax RRP $177 VIP $45
Brazilian RRP 237 VIP $49
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What to expect at your treatment?

For women's body waxing services you will be led to a private room by our beauty therapist where you will be required to remove your skin, exposing the skin and areas required for waxing.
For face waxing you will be led to our beauty bar chairs for treatment.

A quick preparation of the skin will be undertaken and then a thin layer of hot wax will be applied in sections and removed taking any hair with it. Sometimes areas will require further waxing to ensure all hair is removed.
A cooling lotion or moisturiser will be applied to the treated areas once finished.

After Care

It is best to avoid exercise or other activities that can cause excessive sweating in the 24-48 hours after a wax as to reduce the risk of clogging the hair follicles. Avoid touching waxed areas with unwashed hands and do not apply any perfumed products to the direct areas for 24 hours.
No swimming, spas or saunas for 24-48 hours after the waxing treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Waxing regularly is typically for most areas due to regrowth. Check with your aesthetician if you are unsure how often to rebook.

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