Cryolipolysis, also known as Fat Freezing, is used for a permanent reduction of stubborn fat cells such as love handles or thighs. This nonsurgical body contouring procedure requires no down time and one area can be done in as little time as during lunch break.

What to expect?

For more information please head to our Cryolipolysis page

After care

You should avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours after your treatment and increase your water intake. Avoid any strenuous exercise for 24 hours or longer if you have any continuing discomfort. You should continue to massage the treated area/s in the following days.


For best results multiple areas will need to be treated. We recommend booking for a free consultation prior to purchase to discuss your treatment options.

Packages Available

Tester Pack - includes 1 area (eg left love handle)
Introduction Pack - includes 2 areas (eg left and right love handle)
Starter Pack - includes 3 areas
Trim Down Pack - includes 4 areas
Transformation Pack - includes 5 areas
Overhaul Pack - includes 10 areas
Lifechanger Pack - includes 14 areas

For chin areas please refer to our Face Sculpting treatment.


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