We all know how important it is to stay hydrated but it can be difficult to keep the fluid intake up some days. In particular in the cooler months it can be easy to forget to drink as much water throughout the day and often feel sluggish or tired because of this.

Intravenous (IV) Infusions are a safe and fast way to deliver your body the hydration that it needs while also including vital nutrients that aren't always absorbed through traditional fluid intake.

Performed by our Registered Nurse Anushka, our Hydration IV Infusions are a perfect way to quickly rehydrate, giving you a boost and feeling refreshed.

Whether you train hard at the gym, work in a strenuous environment or had a big night out that needs quick recovery, our Hydration IV Infusion can have you feeling great in no time.


What to expect at your IV Infusion? 

 Our Nurse may ask a few questions regarding your health to ensure you are suitable for the infusion and to determine dosage.

As the IV is administered intravenously we recommend for you to main seated for the duration of the session and will have you situated in one of our reclining chairs.

Our registered nurse will quickly clean the insertion point and ensure you are positioned comfortably and then proceed with inserting the IV needle.

The session time will vary person to person but typically it can be around 45mins to an hour.

Results can vary from person to person, but typically you will feel the effects within 8-24 hours.

You must be 18+ to book/receive an IV infusion from Miami Kiss.

After Care

You may experience bruising or soreness on the entrance point, however this should subside after a few days. It is recommended not to do any strenuous exercise or lifting 24-48 hours following your infusion.


Suggestions to Better Your Treatment


It can take about an hour for the infusion to fully be administered so why not use the time to read a book, listen to your favourite podcast or watch a tv show. Better still why not bring a friend to keep you entertained! We offer a discount for two people bookings.

IV Infusions can also be administered while receiving some of your other favourite treatments such as Fat Freezing, Brows or Lash Lifts and even some Facials.


IV Infusion Treatments Available at Miami Kiss

Hydration IV Infusion
$129+ $99+ (price drop on 1/6/23 *)
includes: initial consultation and up to 1000ml Hartmanns Hydration formula IV Drip

why pay $200+
* we also offer a discount if booking in a pair. 

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