Benefit from this modern treatment designed to sharpen the jawline, tighten the jowls, and stimulate collagen production.
Using a combination of Fat Freezing and HIFU this treatment is perfect to help lose that a double chin!

  • Sharpen the jawline, tighten the jowls, and lose a double chin
  • Aims to combat the signs of aging by removing the appearance of sagging skin
  • Designed to stimulate collagen production

What to expect?

With this treatment we perform it over two appointments, one week apart. The first appointment will be for Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) and the second appointment will be to do perform the HIFU.

After care

Your skin may be sensitive and have a slight redness after your treatment. We recommend avoiding direct sunlight to treated areas for 24-48 hours after your appointment. If possible avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours after and make sure to increase water intake.


We highly suggest a follow up treatment approximately 6 months after your initial treatment.

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