Algae Face Peels 

Being a naturally derived product, our Algae face peels are perfect for those of us that are conscious of what products are used on our skin.

What to expect

Depending on the type of peel chosen; light, cosmetic or intensive, the Algae solution will be applied to the face and allowed to be worked in for up to 15 minutes (this is on the high end of the intensive version).

The peel penetrates into the layers of the skin and target cells that can treat a number of skin concerns including sun damage and ageing, acne scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, redness, and rosacea, fine lines, and wrinkles.

By removing build-ups and stimulating skin regeneration, our Algae peels offer measurable results in the improvement of wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation, pore size, acne, and oil production. 
Please note: preparation is required before some peels, we will discuss this with you prior to your appointment by way of consultation bookings.

Your skin may be sensitive and may look slightly red or discoloured for a few hours. It can be expected to have some flakiness and peeling in the days afterwards.


You should avoid direct sunlight for 24-48 hours and use sun protection every day. Treat your skin with care, preferably using a gentle cleanser to wash your skin (like Cetaphil).


For the best results, we recommend prepping your skin with either a microdermabrasion or dermaplaning prior to your peel session.

Regular peel treatments can strengthen the outer layer of the skin, in turn, improving texture, softness, and superficial blemishes.

Due to the nature of skin peels, we highly suggest booking a free consultation to access whether this treatment is right for you or if an alternative treatment will be better suited.


Light Algae Peel great to add on to other treatments from $59 why pay $79+
Cosmetic Algae Peel perfect to treat acne prone skin  from $79 why pay $99+
Intensive Algae Peel not for the faint-hearted from $99 why pay $120+


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