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Hair Regrowth Treatments

Hair Regrowth Treatments

Whether it is due to age or autoimmune deficiencies, hair loss and/or thinning can reduce your self confidence.

At Miami Kiss we are able to offer regrowth treatment options which aid in the stimulation of hair follicles and strengthening of existing hair, suitable for both men and women.

Our PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Treatments performed by our registered Nurse Anushka involve using a concentrate of platelets from your own blood which are injected or micro-needled into your skin. Your plasma contains growth and regenerative factors that can be beneficial to many other face or body treatment areas.

PRP hair regrowth treatments are an increasingly popular option for restoring thickness to thinning hair.  These treatments are a safe, non-surgical and effective option for achieving impressive results.

As with any hair regrowth or rejuvenation treatments it is important to note that no treatment will not be able to create hairlines that never originally existed.

Microcurrent Hair Growth

Discover the revolutionary power of Microcurrent Hair Growth, a cutting-edge treatment that rejuvenates your hair without the need for invasive procedures. Our advanced technology harnesses the body's natural healing mechanisms, delivering targeted hair growth products to nourish your hair follicles from within.

Experience thicker, healthier hair with a simple, non-surgical approach that promotes long-lasting results, a revolutionary solution that harnesses the power of gentle electrical stimulation to restore hair follicles and promote natural hair growth.

Say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to renewed confidence with Microcurrent Hair Growth, without the need for needles or invasive procedures.

Our innovative method revitalizes your scalp and stimulates hair growth without any discomfort or downtime.

Embrace a fuller head of hair and a revitalized appearance, all achieved through a gentle and effective treatment that's as convenient as it is transformative.

Embrace the confidence of rejuvenated hair with Microcurrent Hair Growth, your key to a vibrant and revitalized appearance.

Hair Growth PRP Treatment
Includes: Initial consultation and hair regrowth treatment area of up to 10cm x 10cm via micro-needling or injection (including numbing cream).
*Note: Additional charges may incur if recommended for larger areas.

Microcurrent Hair Growth Treatment

We recommend 5 sessions to achieve the best results. Outcomes differ for each individual. These contradictions are specific to microcurrent: epilepsy, pregnancy, heart conditions, pacemaker, metal plates or pins, excessive fillings or bridgework, cancer within the last 2 years, thrombosis, diabetes, recent Botox or fillers (please wait at least four weeks) any condition that reduces sensation on the face.

PRP Hair Regrowth Treatments (10cm x 10cm)
PRP Hair Regrowth - 1 session RRP $1,797 VIP $249
PRP Hair Regrowth - 3 session pack* RRP $3,594 VIP $447
PRP Hair Regrowth - 6 session pack* RRP $5,097 VIP $715
Hair Regrowth Microcurrent Treatments (6cm x 6cm)
PRP Hair Regrowth - 1 session RRP $597 VIP $199
PRP Hair Regrowth - 3 session pack* RRP $1,791 VIP $597
Medical Grade Dermapen Microcurrent Treatments (6cm x 6cm)
Dermapen Microcurrent - 1 session RRP $837 VIP $279
Dermapen Microcurrent - 3 session pack* RRP $2,487 VIP $829
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Treatment Benefits

  • Suitable for All Skin Types

  • Boosts Collagen Production

  • Skin Refresh

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What to expect at your treatment?

We highly recommend using a numbing cream prior to your treatment. We include this with our treatment packs, however, you are more than welcome to apply your own just before your appointment if you prefer.

For PRP treatments we will need to draw a small amount of blood from your arm which will be placed into a centrifuge. This device separates the blood into layers, with one of the layers containing a high concentration of platelets.

For the treatment your aesthetician will be typically use a multi-needle head to infuse the customised platelets into your skin in a treading type motion.  It is not uncommon to draw a small amount of blood from the process in certain areas, in particular if you have thin skin. Please be assured your equipment is fully sterilised prior to use and all needles are single use only.

After Care

Please take the time to carefully read your post-treatment instructions below.

* Avoid any heat-inducing activities for 24 hours.
* Do not perform strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
* Avoid pressure on the area for 48 hours (i.e. avoid face-down massages).
* Do not massage the treatment area unless instructed to do so.
* Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.
* Avoid active cosmeceutical products (AHAs, retinol, vitamin C) for 24 hours.
* Do not apply oil-based makeup for 24 hours.
* Use a topical treatment to soothe the skin such as Paw Paw.
* Avoid facial treatments for 2 weeks (including facials, waxing, chemical peels, skin needling, HydraFacial, IPL or laser)
* Avoid blood thinning medication such as Aspirin & Ibuprofen for 7 days (unless medically necessary)

Further information and a downloadable copy can be found on our After Care page

How many treatments will I need?

We highly suggest a course of three to ten treatments approximately 3-6 weeks apart for optimal results.
As every individual can vary and have different expectations from the treatment we highly recommend booking for a complimentary consultation prior to purchasing packages to discuss if either of these treatments are right for you.

How long until I see results?

Results from PRP injections can take up to 8-12 weeks to become apparent with a natural increase in collagen and elastin. Results are very subtle and gradual.

The results of PRP are long-lasting, but not permanent. Longevity depends on your state of health, smoking status, condition of the skin pre-treatment, indication for treatment and compliance with aftercare. We cannot guarantee the longevity of the results.

Get the best out of your treatment

  • Prepare to Return

    As much as we'd love just one session to be enough, a series of 3 to 10 treatments may be required.

  • Come See Us

    Book for a complimentary consultation prior to ensure this is the right treatment for you.

  • Avoid Excessive Sun

    This goes for before and after your skin treatment. Always opt for a good SPF if needing to be outdoors and where possible avoid excessive exposure

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