Sandras Blo - November 2020

It's November!

Well here we are, heading into November and very soon Christmas. Has 2020 left us all a little scathed? I’d say so. I would imagine a lot of us find all the uncertainty in the world hard to deal with. Many of us had travel plans, hopes and wishes that couldn't be fulfilled this year and although it’s been a hard year I did find comfort in having all decisions removed from me. I guess for the first time in my adult life I could not think to the future, but I was forced to live in the present and not take anything for granted.

I personally have had a whirlwind year and I’m currently in recovery from an injury that has left me using a walker until I am fully healed. When I was younger my mum used to say, as long as you have your health, you have everything and she is 100% right. I have been tested with my health very brutally the last few years and can honestly tell you, no money in the world can replace the things we take for granted. Although I know I will heal, it’s a struggle not to fall in a heap and feel sorry for myself but I have been blessed with the most loyal family and staff. All the therapists I had personally trained here and overseas, have gone above and beyond to continue opening Miami Kiss and caring about each and every client in exactly the same way I do. Although the girls know I have to totally rely on them to keep the business going not one of them have put any pressure on me or made any extra demands, something I can not say about past staff. Sadly some past employees took advantage when they knew I wasn’t well and then were shocked when they were fired ?

I have always felt you see someone’s personality, not when they are with you but when they are not with you and I am strict on loyalty. It’s just who I am.

Now some good news, with all the free time I have had I’ve researched and purchased the newest, most advanced, medical grade machines for face and body. In this profession we have to stay up to date because technology improves almost by the minute. Being a self confessed gym hater, one of the new machines has been proven to create muscles ... I’m going to have abs lol

Not only we have your body covered but also the newest non invasive almost instant procedure for face lifting. You will need to keep an eye out on our beautiful Kera’s marketing on social media or if you are a Miami Kiss member in emails. Kera throws out some amazing deals with a limited time but she is strict with once the deal is over, it’s over. And for any of you who haven’t met Kera, let me tell you, she is a beautiful, tiny but very tough young lady. When she says jump, I say how high lol 

I would also like to thank the clients I have rescheduled due to my accident, your understanding and kind replies remind me why I love what I do, why I will never compromise any procedures but instead bring you the best that is available at the lowest possible price points because the day I stop believing we all deserve only the best, I will close my doors and walk away. It has been a lot harder than most of you can even imagine lowering my prices and using Groupon as a marketing platform. Some clients simply assume it means we are dodgy and it does wear me down, but most of you are amazing, thrilled with the results and most of you actually understand we base Miami Kiss on exactly what I would want to receive from a clinic, how I would want to be treated and what could I afford. It is the simplest business model and considering I have been in business in excess of 15 years and watched so many places close down whilst we are booked out months in advance, we must be doing something right.

After that little pat on the back I am going to shuffle off to the couch and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

PS a girl could start loving this life I have downloaded Netflix, Hayu, 7 plus, 9 now and watching every reality series known to man lol


Stay safe and take care

Sandra- Miami Kiss

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