My experiences, my thoughts, me, the woman, mum and professional.

My experiences, my thoughts, me, the woman, mum and professional.

Well here we are, heading towards the end of August and I am finally writing my 3rd blog...

I have started to write many times over the last few weeks, but I wanted to wait till I was in a place of calm...yep, it took this long to reach calm lol

So many ways I can choose to write this, so many ways to use this forum, but this is for me, my clients/friends/followers and it’s my platform to share a part of the real me.

So what you read, is from my experiences, my thoughts, me, the woman, mum and professional.

Firstly since last writing we have added 2 new amazing team members, Karen and Melissa.

Mel, left an 8 year job to be with me, and she has been employed as the Varsity Lakes Miami Kiss studio manager. Staff have always been an issue, but I’ve contracted Mel till the end of 2069... yep tied to MK for many lifetimes.

The energy and passion they bring are a feeling I truly missed about Miami Kiss. The laughter and appreciation of each and every person who walks through our doors...they simply reflect the true meaning Belle, and I set out to first establish many years ago.

Personally I have just one problem with Mel, sadly, regardless of what we are doing or saying, the moment our eyes lock we have the maturity level of 5 year olds and giggle. Thank goodness for Belle popping in constantly and kicking our asses ;)

The last few months have been crazy busy and I’ve experienced emotions I didn’t know I had. At this moment in my life, I’m unsure if my new awareness is beneficial to me personally.

Running a business always comes with highs and lows...and during the lows I’m disillusioned and wanting to walk away... it’s then I question why I do this, if it’s worth it but then someone walks through the door with a huge smile and I remember why I love what I do, why our treatments are affordable and why I’ve got so much passion.

Belle asked not long ago, if knowing what I know now, would I have done things differently, be more conventional. I did stop and think about it, but I can’t say I would. It’s hard being the opposite of what we are conditioned to believe a clinic should be, but Miami Kiss is a total reflection of me and Belle.

Our quirkiness, our laid-back attitude, tattooed and cool music with red walls...clearly being one of the busiest clinics shows that we are doing something right and never had to compromise quality or professionalism

Since writing last I’ve really struggled to like one or two clients and I felt their animosity towards me, that can happen, it’s life. However I truly care about most who walk through our doors. (if I said every client it’s definitely BS)
Some of you have truly impacted my life in the most amazing positive way. Not long ago, I looked into the teary eyes of this cut throat, corporate professional, who was grieving the loss of her mother. The sadness in her eyes was heart breaking and somehow I felt her pain and wanted to be there and take time to hear her.

I'm not arrogant enough or self-righteous to think I will heal anyone, but I do believe, that woman is worth my time, this person has no dollar or cent value, this person deserves to be nurtured. I hadn’t considered the clients waiting for me, I hadn’t given thought to the money I would lose...

I truly did NOT care what the next client would say, not because anyone is worthless, but because I know in my heart, without a doubt, it didn't matter who it was, I would have given them the very same undivided attention....and only my regular clients/friends can verify that because I am ALWAYS running late, but I refuse to rush a treatment, I refuse to treat anyone as a dollar sign, I refuse to forget the very reasons Belle and I started Miami Kiss...

We are a feel good profession. Anyone who wants an aesthetic treatment wants and deserves to feel good and I won't stray from what I believe to be the very core of Miami Kiss... I am not a dreamer. I don’t live in fantasy land and I am brutally aware Miami Kiss is business and has financial commitments... But we are doing something right if we are continually expanding and consistently booked back to back with appointments whilst many clinics have come and gone...

And finally whoever has made it to this point through all the rambling... it wouldn’t be me, Sandra Lusk, not Miami Kiss who seems to have pissed one person off ... and it sure as hell wouldn’t be me, to not mention it... As Miami Kiss expands, the more people I have to answer to, marketing, legal... blah blah blah.... so it almost feels I am slightly gagged.

You will possibly no longer read those knee jerk, smart ass reactive replies I tend to give to fake comments or rude people. I am currently being trained to sit on my hands, wear a muzzle and let marketing handle everything.

Between us, I think marketing were really tested this week deleting my public reply to someone lying and deserved to be put in her place but they replaced it with a very dignified comment... pffft the joys of being a business owner lol

Till next time :)
Sandra Lusk
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