Finding my Inner Peace

Finding my Inner Peace

It’s February 2020 and I have no idea when Christmas came and went but it has. It's crazy how as a child time went so slow, and now time flies so quickly! 

People have come and gone in the blink of an eye and the reality is we are not here forever. Everything is impermanent. 

With all this in mind I made a decision last year to take control of my thoughts and life. I’ve always been a go-getter and bullet proof but I’m guilty of being like most of us and postponing total fulfillment and genuine inner calm. 

I decided to NO longer wait to live in the moment or hide behind reasons which I ultimately understand are another name for aka excuses.  Many people I cross paths with are always explaining how different their lives will be after they lose weight, fix the forehead lines, remove a tattoo or whatever but those things won’t improve our lives... it’s only excuses for postponing happiness within ourselves. 

Many people have recently commented on how different I am .. I actually am because I’ve found my inner peace, not in a hippie, love the world way but in a true calming way and understanding that worrying is simply a waste of energy. Worrying is only caused by something that’s happened or might happen and either way I can’t change the past or anticipate the future, so what’s the point?? 

Have I changed my attitude within my professional life... sadly nope. I’ll give you the best of the best but I’ll expect you to be courteous and respectful because you’ll receive nothing less from us. I still refuse to take anyone’s money or sell my soul if someone is rude or arrogant. I’m happy for them to go elsewhere, there’s many more aesthetic clinics to choose from but as long as I pay my bills I’ll never compromise my morals. 

I know I’ve had people criticise me but a lot more have been inspired and I’ve always focused on you.. my family, friends and clients. I’ve always provided the best of the best and always will, I’ve never been hugely tolerant of arrogance so this year I will NOT allow anyone to take away my love for who I am, my family and especially my work.

I am a complex personality; I’m kind, passionate, funny and very genuine but I can stomp on you without a second thought if you do something to hurt my circle... so bring on 2020.. I’m living my way without pretenses, my telephone voice is gone. You’re going to love me or hate me but I’ll guarantee I leave an impression.

I’m not morphing into what is expected, in fact I’m proud of who I am, I like the woman I’ve become and I genuinely hope in some way I’ll be part of your growth

So bye for now and live, love and be happy

Sandra xx

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