My blog, some of you may not like it, may not like me, but this is my blog. I can say what I believe.

All our lives as women we are pleasing someone, first our parents, teachers, friends, partners. kids, collegaues and the list goes on...over the years I fought to empower women, NOW i empower people.

I have had personal experiences not many of you would believe, but I learnt resilience, never lost my belief and I learnt, one person can make a difference. I learnt that if I hold onto what I believe and always do the best I can without an ulterior motive and I am genuine, I will like who I am. I may not be the richest, the prettiest, the coolest, but I like me.

This blog is not about promoting my company, I have a marketing manager, my beautiful Natalia Bueno to do that do . This blog is about being the person who owns that company, the woman who has to read some of the nastiest comments from people I don’t know, the mum who loves her kids more than life. The woman who loves with passion and honesty, but can crush you in a heart beat if you betray me...yep, I am one big contradiction. Extreme would be the perfect word, and that's why Miami Kiss is so successful...I am either going to take you under my wing or i am going to crush you with those same wings.

Since I last touched base, I have changed staff....i’ve been sick with a chest infection, missed my kids, laughed, cried, worked, worked till 10pm at times, and the only thing that is consistent is my passion for my work and my love for my family.

If you are still reading, you’re either a supporter or hater, either way i have your attention. So if I kept you interested hopefully you can take one thing away from this, don’t bend to what we are conditioned to believe. Dont be a follower but a leader, it is lonelier, harder but even if you just change one thing, anything, you have made your voice heard. It doesn't have to be political, religious or involve anyone but yourself. If you always wanted to grow your hair out, change your style, tell someone you like them ( or dislike them) do it! Take on you, be responsible for you. We all want to be loved but how often do we actually look at the person and think, are you worth my love, my time, my efforts?

Remember, I am a woman in my 50’s, i love, i bleed, i the next time you see me and look me in the eyes and explain how life is so much harder for you...maybe you’re right, maybe you’re not. But one thing is for sure, I don't wear my life story on my shoulders, I don’t define myself by others actions and I sure as hell don’t let my struggles stop me from moving forward.

If nothing else, don't give the power to anyone to control your mood, your life. Take your life and live it, one minute at a time.  Be kind to you.

Till next time


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