Miami Kiss's Tips for Winter Skin

Winter Skincare Tips

Although we Gold Coasters are blessed with a relatively warmer winter then our compadres down south, we still can’t escape the effects of the cooler climate on our skin. So how do you combat the dreaded winter skin? Check out our tips below.

  • Water, water, water
    Water is one of the most important intakes for our body regardless the time of year. Reducing consumption can be an easy trap to fall into during winter with the pull of hot beverages such as tea and hot chocolate but make an effort to keep up the recommended 2L and your skin will thank you for it.
  • Exfoliate it away
    This isn’t just advice for your face, but your whole body. The cooler and drier weather of Winter also brings skin that becomes dehydrated and dry. While you may need to reduce the frequency of exfoliating your face to keep those important oils locked in, your body will sure be thankful in sloughing those dead skin cells away on a more regular basis. Though you may not be wanting to show too much skin off while it’s cooler, come Spring time you’ll be thanking us ;-p
  • Moisturise and feel revitalised
    You may want to invest in a slightly thicker or richer moisturiser for your face to combat any extra dryness experienced in winter. For your body, try to apply moisturiser as soon as you have dried off after a shower, this will help lock the moisturiser on and in your skin – super important after exfoliating!
    Treatments such as our Signature Facials are also brilliant in refreshing the skin.
  • Love your Lips
    Lip balm is a handbag staple and easily one of the most used products for winter months. A good lip balm should keep your lips feeling moisturised and soft and with regular applications keep any flaking or cracking at bay. Can’t leave the house without a red pout? Look for a lip balm in a tinted shade or use a clear balm first then apply your lipstick over top.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen
    Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean the sun is any less strong! As always, stick with a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30+ and remember to reapply throughout the day.
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