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Benefits of Hydro-Therapy Mesotherapy

Miami Kiss is proud to feature the latest Needle-less Mesotherapy gun.

Unlike an anti-wrinkle injectable the new Hydro- Lift Mesotherapy takes a different approach to achieving anti-aging and rejuvenating results on areas such as the face, neck, and the chest.

Whilst still providing many of the same benefits as anti-wrinkle injections, being needle-less, it is painless and suitable for most skin types. For individuals who are afraid of injections, or wish to take a less invasive approach to treating wrinkles Hydro-Lift Mesotherapy is ideal.



Via a nano needle, our Hydro-Lift Treatment delivers a concentrated dose of vitamins into the superficial layer of the skin to rejuvenate naturally dehydrated skin.
Designed to instantly rehydrate, tone and firm your skin, it’s perfect for under the eyes to give you that wide awake look (no matter how tired you feel on the inside)⁠.


As well as its anti-ageing properties, Hydro-Lift Mesotherapy is often used for pigmentation reduction, skin tone and hydration, as well as general skin conditioning. Many clients report their skin looking and feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, smoother and firmer than before.

Look forward to:

    • improved skin quality;
    • increased hydration;
    • generates collagen production


Massage and strenuous activity on treated areas should be refrained up to 48 hours after treatment.


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