Introducing EmSlim Pro to Miami Kiss! Tone up without hitting the gym

Introducing ToneUP Body Sculpting!

Who needs the gym when you can do the ToneUP Body Sculpting machine?!

The latest in body sculpting, this is a revolutionary, non-invasive and quick way to tone up. Using the technology of Electro-Magnetics to induce muscle contractions in the specified area, the procedure sees your muscles tone and can lead to the loss of fat cells in the body. 

So What can you Expect?

With our ToneUP Body Sculpting treatments, you should expect to feel more toned and a possible reduction in fat from the areas you target. As the procedure specifically targets the muscles, it is common to see more muscle definition and feel stronger after your sessions too.

Most clients say they feel their energy levels increase and some have reported a better metabolism as a result of their treatments.

How Long does it Take and How Many Sessions do I Need?

One of the biggest advantages of the ToneUP Body Sculpting is that each session only requires up to 30minutes, which means you can fit a session into an extended lunch break or straight after work!

Every person is different and has different goals they want to achieve, however we typically recommend 4 to 6 sessions to get the desired results. A reminder though, in all of these ‘sessions’ only one area of your body is targeted.  It is recommended to keep the time between sessions to a minimum to achieve optimal results, so highly recommend to wait no more than a week between sessions.

Does it Hurt and is There Any Downtime?

The procedure itself is completely non-invasive and does not hurt. You can expect after the procedure to feel a bit of muscle fatigue which can last for a few hours (after all you have just done a major workout!).  

We recommend avoiding any further exercise on the day and make sure to keep your water intake up and alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Interested in trying ToneUp Body Sculpting?

Use the book now button below to score yourself an awesome deal!

4 Session Pack
includes: initial consultation, 4 x 30minute sessions for one treatment area (over multiple appointments)

6 Session Pack
includes: initial consultation, 6 x 30minute sessions for one treatment area (over multiple appointments)


If you are in doubt whether this treatment is right for you, feel free to book a complimentary consultation prior to purchasing.

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