Sandra & Belle

Everyone Deserves The Right To Feel Beautiful


Sandra is the creative backbone of Miami Kiss. She started with a small nail table and has worked her way up to becoming an internationally qualified Paramedical Aesthetician. Sandra has worked alongside some of the best surgeons around the world and her passion has led to an extremely successful business in Queensland as well as America and Asia.
She is fully qualified in all aspects of the beauty industry and particularly specialises in anti-aging treatments, weight loss treatments and injectables. Sandra is always motivated to gain more knowledge in the industry and has achieved her goal of becoming an Internationally Recognised Trainer. Despite having had more than 15 years of experience in the industry.
Sandra has no intention of settling with the knowledge she has now and that is why she is one of the most sought after and experienced professionals in the beauty industry.


Belle started in the beauty industry from a young age.
She started from the very bottom sweeping the floors to working her way up to being one of the directors of Miami Kiss and has thrived in the industry exceeding the expectations of a beauty therapist. Belle is a registered Endorsed Enrolled Nurse and is currently furthering her studies to become a Registered Nurse.
Belle is passionate for all areas of the beauty industry starting from the basic treatments such as waxing to chemical peels and injectables.