Plasma Pen (or Plasma Fibroblast) is a revolutionary nonsurgical skin lifting and tightening treatment using a hand-held device which generates plasma and allows skin to form new collagen.

What to expect?

The process encourages new collagen to produce and your skin will tighten in the treated areas. 

After care

Please note with any plasma treatment there is a healing process of 3-7 days. Brown/black crusts on the skin surface will occur and should not be picked at. Avoid direct sunlight on treated areas for 48-72 hours after appointment.


We offer numbing cream as an add on for this treatment. We highly suggest booking this treatment when you know you can stay indoors for a few days to a week. We highly recommend booking a complimentary consultant to ensure it is the correct treatment for you.

Possible Areas for treatment

Crows Feet

why pay $299+
Upper or Lower Eyelids

why pay $299+
Upper or Lower Lip

why pay $299+
Additional areas available on consultation

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