Our Light Chemical Peels are perfect if it's your first time having a facial peel. Depending on skin type, we customise the solution used. But before applying the light chemical peels mask in Gold Coast, we first inspect your skin to assess its type so that we can tailor the treatment better.

What to expect from your Peel?

Regular peel treatments can strengthen the outer layer of the skin, in turn, improving texture, softness and superficial blemishes. 

After care

Your skin may be sensitive and may look slightly red or discoloured for a few hours after the application of facial peels mask. You should avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours and use sun protection everyday, especially with our Gold Coast sun! Treat your skin with care, preferably using a gentle cleanser to wash your skin (like cetaphil). Then, slowly the effects will start fading and you will start noticing the changes. However, our professionals will provide you with complete guidance related to the aftercare procedures

Suggestions to Better Your Treatment

For the best results we recommend prepping your skin with either a microdermabrasion or dermaplaning treatment prior to your peel. We highly suggest booking a free consultation to access whether this treatment is right for you. There, we will tell you the ways to prepare for the treatment as well as how post-care procedures.

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