Vacuum Therapy Treatment in Gold Coast

Do you want to get into shape by lifting your breasts and buttocks with non-invasive treatment? It’s time to opt for the vacuum therapy treatment in Gold Coast from Miami Kiss

International since we have years of experience in this therapy and have helped achieve a perfect body shape that involves no pain at all. Vacuum Therapy is a non-surgical treatment for body shaping, enlarging and lifting butts and breasts.

Vacuum therapy not only helps in enlarging your breasts and buttocks, but it also rejuvenates the muscles and breaks down the fat. This makes you look ‘curvy’ and attractive, the best bikini body you ever had all in $199.00 AUD.

Why Choose Our Vacuum Therapy Treatment?

We have some of the most qualified therapists to carry out the vacuum treatment in Gold Coast. So, no need to worry about their specialisation.

All you need to do is come to us for a basic check-up, and we will tell you what to do. But if you are still wondering why you should choose us, take a look at these points.

  • Our therapists in highly-skilled and certified in vacuum treatment
  • The therapists carry out the procedure safely and with precision
  • We ensure maximum comfort during the procedure
  • You can talk to us to know more about the therapy
So, don’t wait. Get to shape today with the vacuum treatment.

After care

Your skin may be tender and have a slight redness after your treatment.


We highly suggest multiple treatments to achieve your desired outcome. Depending on your body type you may also benefit from HIFU, Fat Freezing and / or Emslim Pro sessions.

Treatments Available

Breast Lift from $129 why pay $199 +
Butt Lift
from $129 why pay $199 +


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