Your Most Favourite Hyalnano Filling Service in Gold Coast

Are you in pursuit of a name that offers the best Hyalnano filling treatment in Gold Coast? Your search ends at Miami International.

Hyalnano Filling is the best alternative to anti-wrinkle fillers, containing 100% hyaluronic acid powder and serum. Much due to the very small size of the nanoparticles of the hyaluronic acid, they would penetrate deep into the dermis, thereby removing the wrinkles.

Thus, if you are looking forward to having the best professionals for hyalnano filling treatment in Gold Coast, get in touch with us now. Either call us, or get in touch with us over email to book an appointment.

What to expect?

Plumper and more hydrated feeling skin.

After care

Your skin may be sensitive and have a slight redness after your treatment. As such you need to treat it with care, preferably using a gentle cleanser to wash your skin (like cetaphil).


We highly suggest including an LED session after and / or having microdermabrasion or dermplaning prior to your treatment for increased results. Best results are achieved by regular treatments - for deeper wrinkles 4-6 treatments, and lighter wrinkles may be filled within 1-3 treatments.

Face Treatment $299

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