Makeup Workshops

Makeup can be daunting if you're not sure about skills, colours, or how to make the most of your features. A Miami Kiss makeup workshop offers the perfect opportunity to learn in a comfortable happy group setting.

The emphasis of our makeup workshops is solving your everyday makeup dilemmas. In a relaxing and positive environment, Miami Kiss will change the way you think about makeup and show you how easy it is to reinvent yourself!.

  • Makeup Kit Overhaul - what to keep, what to swap, what to buy.
  • Identifying & highlighting your assets.
  • Selecting a foundation.
  • Selecting eye shadow colours.
  • Applying eye shadow.
  • Importance of eyebrow shape.

BOOK NOW for a friendly, non-intimidating makeup workshop that's just right for you. Select from:

  • Everyday Gorgeous
  • All About Eyes
  • Red Carpet Glamour
  • Corporate Savvy
  • Makeup for 40+
  • Makeup for Teenagers
  • Everyday Gorgeous

Not quite sure where to start with your makeup? Need some expert guidance?


Everyday Gorgeous  1 1/2hr  $160

This workshop provides the perfect foundation to a beautiful look - every day.

This workshop focuses on creating confidence in make up application in a friendly and positive environment, and is suited to the beginner, someone wanting more confidence with makeup, or a woman wanting to modernise her look.

The workshop includes advice and instruction on:

  • Identifying your colour palette.
  • Selecting the correct foundation, eye shadow, lips and blush.
  • Techniques and tricks.
  • Creating a natural, beautiful, radiant look.


All About Eyes   1 1/2hr   $160

The workshop is perfect for women who are reasonably confident with their makeup or who have completed the Everyday Gorgeous workshop.

Your eyes are the focal point of your face, and you'll be amazed how easily you can change your look simply by changing your eye makeup. All About Eyes will teach you how to create a completely different you by using just a few simple techniques!

The workshop covers:

  • Step by step guided instruction in the two basic eye designs - the smoky eye and the classic eye.
  • Identifying your unique eyeshadow colours. Ali's approach is easy to understand and will immediately spark your imagination!
  • Applying false eyelashes. Discovering the many styles of lashes and learning the secrets of easy application.
  • Eyebrow design/shaping from an eyebrow specialist.


Red Carpet Glamour   3hrs     $320

The Red Carpet Glamour workshop will show you how to add that extra 'wow' factor to your look. It's suited to women that are reasonably confident with their makeup or who have completed the Everyday Gorgeous workshop.

The workshop covers:

  • Getting noticed for the right reasons.
  • Avoiding a 'pale faced' photo.
  • Makeup that doesn't disappear in the night light.
  • Adding glamour to a day time look.
  • False eyelash application.
  • Using contouring, highlight techniques.
  • Correct use of shimmers.
  • Corporate Savvy


Corporate Savvy  1 ½ hrs    $160

Everyone knows success is as much about how you look as how much you know. Give yourself the edge with this workshop aimed squarely at makeup for the corporate world

Suited to beginners, women who want more confidence with makeup or women returning to the workplace is the ultimate makeup workshop for the woman going places.

The workshops covers:

  • Looking confident, professional and well groomed.
  • How to achieve makeup that lasts throughout the day.
  • Advice on how to care for skin that dehydrates or looks dull due to an air conditioned office environment.


Makeup for 40+  1 1/2hrs    $160

Have you been using the same products and making up the same 'face' for years? Perhaps you've been thinking about updating your look. If you're nearing or over 40, why not take some time to rediscover yourself in this workshop designed especially for women like you.

  • Reassessing your look to fit with where you are in life.
  • More time for you - making the most of the beauty that comes with maturity.
  • Reconnect with the pure enjoyment of being confident in who you are.


Makeup for Teenagers  1 ½ hrs    $160

Just starting to use makeup and need to learn techniques and tricks? Not sure what colours are right for you? Makeup for Teenagers workshop will get you heading in the right direction.

Suited to girls who are at secondary school or uni, it's a perfect opportunity to get together with a couple of friends and enjoy a relaxing afternoon which is all about you!

The workshop covers:

  • Makeup that looks great and looks after your skin.
  • Focussing on your best assets and playing down the things you don't like.
  • Playing with colour.
  • Eyebrow reshaping
  • Eyebrow colour correction
  • Advice on upkeep and homecare products